An Environmental Service Cart is the closest thing that an Environmental Service Technician has to a workstation, and it is the most visible piece of equipment that patients, staff and visitors will see.

And because the cart will be readily visible, Environmental Service Technicians need to understand the importance of keeping it clean and well organized.

Given its role as both the Environmental Service Technician ’s workstation and “office,” the cart will have a large impact on the overall productivity and success of the Environmental Service Tech.

Not only do Environmental Service Carts need to provide adequate storage for the supplies necessary to restock restrooms and other areas of the healthcare facility, but they also have to have room for chemicals, charging buckets, cleaning tools (including microfiber flat mops and cloths) and waste or recycling materials.

An unkempt Environmental Service Cart will negatively impact patients, staff, and guests’ impression of the Environmental Service Technician and overall EVS Department, while raising questions about the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfecting process.

 Environmental Services Cleaning Cart Set-Up & Best Practices 

A properly stocked EVS Cleaning Cart will prevent unnecessary trips to the supply closet and increase daily productivity.

Recommended Cart Equipment

Chemicals For Daily Cleaning

Consumables For Daily Restocking

Safety Considerations



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