An Introduction to Gateway

Gateway is a mobile platform that allows the user to collect and report on any data or information they need. A few simple clicks on a phone or tablet is all it takes!

Use the Gateway platform to:

  • Conduct cleanliness inspections
  • Perform comprehensive facility assessments
  • Keep records of training and education
  • Track business outcomes over time

Monitoring cleanliness has always been a crucial element of a comprehensive custodial program but has taken on even more importance as schools focus on protecting student, teacher, and staff health and safety. Step Three of the Triple S Partners in Protection (PiP) program – Inspect for Health – involves developing a Quality Plan that specifies when inspections will occur and who will perform them, as well as communicating success to instill confidence in parents, teachers, and other stakeholders.

Gateway will allow you to take care of both data collection and reporting. The program allows you to list all school facilities, perform various assessments or inspections, and compile/share reports.

The program is prepopulated with a series of data collection “missions,” including:


Allows you to collect the facility-specific information you need. This includes demographic data, room-specific details (e.g.: how many sinks are in a restroom, what type of flooring is in a classroom), and information on cleaning/disinfection processes, systems, and priorities. This ensures your operations are best suited to your circumstances and helps identify areas ripe for improvement.


Is your cleaning performance living up to the Standard you have set? Frequent inspections are the only way to truly find out! Perform mobile inspections based on visual observation, as well as fluorescent marking and ATP measurement if desired.


Ensure everyone is prepared for success with a commitment to training. Track who was trained, what program was used, etc.


What impact is your cleaning and disinfection program having on preventing health outbreaks and breaking the chain-of-transmission, as well as student attendance and performance, substitute teacher costs, and parent/guardian satisfaction? Monitor the effect of your program over time.




Manage whether compliance with the new protocols you have established are being followed including cleaning/disinfection frequencies, hand sanitizer dispenser locations, and inventory sufficiency. The Gateway platform includes inspections and assessments based specifically on the elements of the PiP program.

We all know the “new normal” requires a true commitment to cleaning and disinfection. And such commitment includes inspections, monitoring and reporting. The Gateway platform makes it easy and helps you demonstrate your school’s commitment to protecting health and safety and reducing risk.

Talk with your Triple S partner representative about how to get started and step through the Gateway!


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