Dear [Name of School] student, families and staff,

We are excited to welcome everyone back to school and are confident we have taken the necessary steps to provide a healthy and safe learning environment. Such steps include implementing social distancing principles, ensuring proper personal protective equipment is used and, designing in-person interaction so to limit the risk of transmission.

Perhaps most importantly, we have worked very closely with our community cleaning products distributor-partner [Name of Triple S Member] to implement cleaning and disinfection protocols to ensure our cleaning operations and processes follow industry best practices.

Specifically, we have worked with [Name of Triple S Member] to implement a program called “Partners in Protection.” The Partners in Protection program is focused on cleaning for health and a belief that we can best protect one another if everyone takes personal responsibility and plays an active role. This latter concept, commonly referred to as “Collaborative Cleaning,” requires everyone to work as a team.

As part of the program, we will be cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces frequently, with some items being serviced following every use. These new protocols strictly comply with CDC recommendations but go even further to minimize risk. To ensure maximum protection, our program identifies all surfaces, items and areas where there is a risk of transmission, outlines precisely what cleaning/disinfecting tasks need to be performed and when, and specifies who will be responsible for making sure it gets done.

Of course, we have also instituted a comprehensive hand hygiene policy to constantly remind students of the importance of hand washing and to make the necessary resources available. In addition to increasing the number of hand sanitizer stations and ensuring availability of soap, we have posted additional signage to outline the correct procedure and constantly reinforce the need for clean hands.

We understand and recognize that sending children to school raises concern and we are committed to taking all actions necessary to provide, healthy and safe environment.

If you have any questions about the “Partners in Protection Program,” please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you very much.

[Signature] [Name] [Title]


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