Schools are unquestionably going to face heightened expectations from parents, teachers, staff members, and students. They will need to instill confidence that they are doing everything possible to provide a clean environment and protect against COVID-19, as well as other health threats. Therefore, it will be important to let all stakeholders know about your facility’s commitment to health and safety and the specific actions you have taken.

This requires the adoption of a policy committing to the open and transparent communication of custodial activities and successes.
This includes:


Signage such as lobby signage, desk signage, or hand washing reminders let people know about the facility’s commitment to proper  leaning procedures and safety.


Emails, letters or news bulletins to parents, teachers, staff, and the community, help inform everyone about Partners in Protection program and the steps your school is taking.


The Gateway assessment platform will allow you to compile and share comprehensive reports on custodial operations to showcase the results your school is getting.

Sample communications are included in the PiP program package and can be customized to meet a school’s specific needs. These include hand hygiene signage, general signage on the Partners in Protection program, and letters that can be sent to parents, teachers, staff, and students.


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