Developing and implementing a plan to respond to public health threats requires a clear understanding of cleaning principles and your facilities needs. The Triple S Partners in Protection (PiP) program provides a fresh approach that balances labor and budget limitations with the essential need to deliver a healthy, clean environment for your school.

The PiP program has been specifically designed to help K-12 schools establish and implement a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection program that speaks to the realities of the “new normal.” We emphasize cleaning for health as well as appearance. By following the PiP road map and walking through each of the program steps, we will help your school break the chain of transmission, minimize risk, and meet the expectations of parents, teachers, staff, and students.


  • Assess Facilities – Have you identified all the different room types and the specific surfaces and areas with a focus on high touch items?
  • Establish an Expected Standard of Cleanliness – Will you commit to a heightened level?
  • List Cleaning and Disinfection Tasks that Need to be Performed – What activities need to be done?
  • Establish Frequencies – How often will cleaning/disinfecting activities be performed?
  • Adopt Collaborative Cleaning – Who will be responsible for performing cleaning/ disinfecting activities?


  • Prepare for Success – Is everyone who will be asked to play a role fully trained and ready to get the job done?
  • Focus on the Basics – Cleaning before disinfecting…complying with dwell times…Does everyone understand general cleaning principles?


  • Commit to Quality – Do you have a Quality Plan that outlines when inspections will be performed and by whom?
  • Assess and Inspect – Are you truly providing a healthy and safe environment?
  • Step Through the Gateway – Have you considered Triple S’ Gateway mobile inspection platform?
  • Let Them Know About It! – Are parents, teachers, staff members, students aware of your commitment to their health?


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